Treat Bunion at Home

Treat Bunion at Home


Most people want a more conservative approach to treating their bunions, with surgery being their last resort. Although surgical intervention seems to be the last on your list, it is still important to see a podiatrist and receive professional advice. Then again, there are methods to reduce the pain caused by bunions. That foot pain can be decreased with these home remedies. Try these remedies for at least a month and see the difference.



Non-surgical treatment for bunion

  • Make use of an arch support to remove pressure off a bunion. You can find over-the-counter arch supports as well as custom orthotic.
  • As simple as using the appropriate socks can be a big help. Bunion socks decrease friction on the bunion and provide cushion. Stop using cotton socks as it causes high friction. Your socks should not have a seam over the bunion.
  • Don’t use regular slippers at home. Wear a sandal that has an arch support instead. This simple measure will help decrease any pressure on the big toe.
  • Bunion pads are to be placed over the deformity to protect it and provide cushion.
  • Wear a bunion splint at nighttime to prevent the rubbing of the first and second toe. Reducing pressure between the toes improves your overall comfort.
  • A toe splintlint is your best friend when using flip flops and sandals. These spreaders reduce friction and improves your comfort when you are on your feet.

Natural Way to treat Bunion


  • Place toe gel separators, especially between the first and second toes in order to prevent friction. It also increases the space between toes and promotes proper toe alignment. This product is great for those with bunions, hammer toe, claw toe, and other foot problems.
  • It also helps to ice the bunion for 10 minutes each night to relieve comfort and swelling.
  • Look for a shoe store that has experienced shoe fitters. Youneed to wear well-fitting shoes or even have yours modified if your feet are difficult to fit. Big toe box shoes are your best options. They are comfortable and don’t put additional strain on your big toe.
  • Large bunions require a stretchable shoe. Breathable and elastic bunion shoes offer bunion relief as it conforms to the contour of the foot. It also accommodates different toe deformities and eliminates pressure on the prominence on the big toe. Stretchable shoes give comfort for those with hammertoes and tailor’s bunions.

No one deserves to experience the discomfort caused by a bunion. Take advantage of these simple methods and finally experience relief from big toe pain.




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