Improve Foot Health


Improve Foot Health


Proper foot care can go a long way in preventing injuries and improving quality of life. Taking care of your feet and letting them function the way they should helps in preventing foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis.

It is easy to keep your feet healthy and optimize its function. One thing you can do is to maintain a foot care routine. We’ve outlined some simple ways to improve foot health.

Wear the right shoes

We all have that favorite shoes we wear as often as possible. But what if those pair of stilettos starts to cause big toe pain? Would you still use it? When choosing your footwear, go for healthy shoes. Those are the shoes that help prevent toe and foot problems like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoes.



Healthy shoes promote the natural movement of your toes and feet. They are the kind of shoes that do not affect your gait or get in the way of your feet. It is important to wear healthy shoes when engaging in weight-bearing activities. Conventional footwear can promote toe deformities and cause toe and foot problems.

proper fit footwear

Be wise when buying new footwear

Check a few things the next time you buy shoes: heels, toe box, and soles. The ideal shoe does not have heels. Wearing flat shoes allows the arch of the foot to work the way it is supposed to and promotes natural arch support.


Big toe box shoes are the widest at the ends of the toes and give your toes enough space to spread when walking, running, or standing. As for shoe soles, go with one that has flexible soles to help strengthen your foot muscles. This type of sole does not only offer flexibility, but gives your feet minimal restriction.

Use toe separator every day

Wearing toe separator  helps improve toe and foot health. They create space between toes and help realign your toe to their normal position. You are less likely to have toe and foot problems if your toes are aligned properly.

Toe Separators Benefits

Transition into your toe spacers gradually to give time for your foot to adapt. You also have to wear big toe box shoes when using toe spacers. You can also use these spacers on your bare foot or when wearing regular socks or big toe socks. Some people wear toe spacers at night to help treat bunions.

Stretch your feet regularly

Stretching your foot can improve foot health, especially when done regularly. Some routines help in lengthening tight toe muscles. When muscles remain tight, different toe and foot problems may develop.

Stretch your feet


Use your feet!

Overusing the feet may strain it and eventually cause foot and heel pain. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them. Being active on your feet is still a good way to promote foot health. You just have to use toe spacers and healthy shoes that allow your feet to move naturally and without restrictions. It also helps to have fitness goals to help you achieve optimal foot health.

Foot care is not as hard as you think. It just takes a few simple steps and the determination to maintain excellent foot health for a long time.


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