foot care

foot care


People who work on their feet all day are likely to experience foot pain or some sort of foot problems. In fact, a lot of employees miss work because of a disorder involving the lower limb. Most of the pain and discomfort caused by different foot problems could be prevented by simply wearing the appropriate footwear for the job and sticking to a foot care routine.


Use the right shoe for your job

You must have read that flat shoes are the best to prevent foot problems. However, it is not the right choice for those who are required to stand for long periods of time. A heel of at least a quarter of an inch to less than two inches should be fine.

The shoes you use for work should also provide excellent arch support to reduce soreness in your feet and legs. If you don’t get enough arch support from the shoes you’re using now, you can buy arch support insoles from athletic shops.

right shoe for your job

Make sure your shoes fit nicely

A lot of people use shoes that are too small for their feet. Using small shoes will impede circulation to your feet, increasing your chances of developing blisters. Once you have blisters, it will be uncomfortable to walk or stand. In some cases it becomes unbearable. Knowing the correct size of your feet helps you make the right decisions when buying comfortable shoes.

Experts say that it is best to fit your shoes at the later part of the day since it is when your feet are naturally larger. It is also helpful to buy shoes that are half a size larger than your actual size. The extra space can be used for arch supports or customized orthotics.

proper fit footwear 

Stretch your muscles when you have the chance

Standing or walking all day can make muscles stiff and sore. Make it a habit to stretch or relax your tightened muscles every hour.

Blood pools in your feet while you stand. Calf raises can help in pumping blood out of your feet and back to the body. You can simply do calf raises by standing tall on the edge of a platform while pulling in your abdominal muscles. Make sure the balls of your feet are firmly planted on the platform with heels hanging at the edge. Raise your heels  and stand on your toes. Hold for a second before you lower your heels. Repeat this 10 times.

 Stretch your feet

Give your feet some TLC at home

Once you get home, give your feet some time to recover and prepare it for the next day. You can ice your feet or immerse it in a bucket filled with ice and water for 20 minutes. Doing so helps reduce swelling and inflammation caused by prolonged standing. However, this should only be done by individuals who do not have any vascular problems.
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Massaging your foot by rolling it over a baseball or tennis ball can help it recover quickly. Gentle massage on the arch of your foot helps stretch tight muscles. Elevating your feet can also help decrease swelling. You can place your feet against a wall or put it on top a stack of pillows.



If you experience persistent foot pain or your symptoms begin to increase, it is best for you to see a doctor. The presence of pain tells you that something is wrong. Heel pain or ankle pain can be a sign of plantar fasciitis. Bone spurs and fallen arches can also be the reason for your foot pain.

Foot pain is uncomfortable, so it is best to care for your feet while they are healthy and in good shape.


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