Know How to Prevent Foot Problems


Know How to Prevent Foot Problems


SUMMARY: Lots of people stand on their feet several hours a day, leading to various foot and leg problems. Learn how you can prevent these problems from developing and how you can keep your legs and feet in tip-top shape.


A lot of jobs require standing for prolonged periods of time. Even some activities, including those that are not job related, require being on your feet all day. Every year, thousands of foot injuries occur to people who stand for several hours a day. However, these problems can be prevented. You just need to take good care of your feet and know what to do.


How to Prevent Injuries Caused by Prolonged Standing

  • Find the time to rest your legs and feet by sitting. You can use your breaks or slow periods to sit.
  • For pregnant women, put your feet up when you can. And when you are resting, make sure your feet is higher than your head.
  • It is also important to change your position frequently. You can walk around, stretch, and stand in various positions. Doing this allows your weight to move around.
  • If you will be working in a confined space with a hard floor covering, ask if a rug or a rubber mat can be placed on the floor. A rubber mat provides cushion on the spot you’re always standing on, minimizing the impact on your feet and legs.

How to Prevent Foot and Leg Problems

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

A lot of foot problems are caused by wearing the wrong footwear. If you need to stand for hours every day, make sure that you are wearing comfortable footwear with a big toe box and excellent arch support. You can find stylish shoes that are packed with good comfort and support features. You just need to choose wisely.

Also, try to stay away from high-heeled shoes or at least go for one with heels that are less than 2 inches. You can keep those narrow, tight, and high-heeled shoes for parties and other special occasions. This kind of shoes is not ideal for people who are on their feet all day. The narrow toe box reduces circulation to the toes and promotes different problems like cramping. It also pushes your toes to the tip of the shoe.


Make Use of Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics offer good support and ensure that your feet stay in the right position. This is the key to relieving pain caused by leg and foot problems. Orthotics also help improve your posture, relieve stress on the joints and ligaments, and improve comfort while standing and walking. They also help prevent common foot problems like plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain).

arch support for plantar fasciitis


Stretch Your Legs and Feet

Perform alternating knee flexion by bending your knee and trying to touch your heel to the buttocks with one leg. Do the same for the other leg. This exercise helps loosen the muscles in front of your thighs.

Do figure-8 hip rotations by simply circling your hips and forming a number 8. This exercise prevents tightness of the hip and stagnation of blood in your lower extremities.
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You can also stretch your calf even while you’re at work. Put both your hands, shoulder-width apart, on a wall. Put one foot forward and bend your knee so that your knee is directly over your ankle. The other leg has to be straight. By doing this, your rear calf muscles will stretch.

Standing on your feet for hours every day will eventually take its toll on your legs and feet. While they’re still in good shape, care for it and always take precautionary steps to prevent problems that may develop later on.

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