SUMMARY: Are your feet aching because of too much running? Find out how you can Relieve Pain runner feet and even improve your performance down the road!


Running has become a hobby for so many people. Others do it to stay fit. As a person who frequently runs, you know that the sport can take its toll on the muscles and joints of your feet. But if you constantly have aching feet, you might be tempted to bid good-bye to your favorite sport. This does not have to happen. There are ways to fix this problem so that you can go back to running soon.


Don’t rush your body

Yes, running can be addictive and you might find yourself running distances you really should not be covering at such an early stage. The first couple of highs can be overwhelming and you may be too excited to run longer distances too soon. However, what you don’t realize is that this may be too much for your body. You may start to develop aches and pains not only in your feet, but also in your knees and lower back.


The best thing to do is to slowly increase your mileage. You can go for an increase of not more than 10 percent every week. Take note of how your body feels whenever you increase your mileage. The goal is to find the right balance of frequency, duration and intensity.

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Use the right shoes

Don’t buy a pair of shoes just because it looks good. Yes, you’ll look great on your next run, but they might not give your feet and your body the protection it needs. Go to a running specialty store and find shoes that fit you nicely and meet your needs. Some need more arch support or ankle support than others. There are runners who need more foot cushions than others. Pick the right pair based on your needs.

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Check your footwear

When we say check your footwear, we are not only talking about your running footwear. The ones you wear on a daily basis need to be examined too. Why? There’s a big chance that your daily habits, including your everyday footwear, is causing the pain to aggravate.


For female runners, wearing high heels is not a good idea at all. Your body weight shifts forward whenever your wear high heels. This puts excessive pressure on the front of the foot and squeezes your toes into a very narrow space. If you need to wear high heels and stilettos, try to reduce the amount of time you spend using these shoes. It is also a good idea to use comfortable, flat shoes as often as you can.


Keep your feet strong

You need to have strong feet for them to remain healthy. You can perform exercises while barefoot to keep the muscles and ligaments in your lower body in good working condition. You can also do some body strengthening exercises two to three times a week. You want routines that will improve your balance and mobility and prevent any weak links from developing. Perform these exercises regularly and you will surely see an improvement.

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Improving foot health is vital not only for runners, but for everyone. Spend some time in exercises that focus on flexibility and strength. Adjust your training routine and wear the right footwear. These steps are simple to take but can have a significant effect on your feet. They can help prevent pain and even improve your performance over time.

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