What You Need to Know About Gout


  Have you ever experienced excruciating pain in your foot that you can barely walk? Did you notice a swollen area around your ankle? You might be experiencing a case of gout. And gout is not a condition that has just been recently discovered. Gout cases were discovered and identified as early as 2,640 BC.…read more

What You Can Do If You Have Forefoot Varus

Forefoot Varus

    SUMMARY: Not familiar with the forefoot varus deformity? Read on to know more about this foot deformity and how you can correct it.   Forefoot varus is a condition where there is angulation or inversion of the bones of the front of the foot in relation to the heel. In a forefoot varus…read more

What Are Tailor’s Bunions And How They Are Treated

    SUMMARY: Ever heard of tailor’s bunions? Anyone can have it! Find out if the bump near your little toe is a tailor’s bunion and how you can treat it.   Do you see a small bump jutting out of the base of your little toe? That is what you call tailor’s bunion or…read more

Heel Strike When Running: Is It That Bad?

Heel Strike When Running- Is It That Bad-

    SUMMARY: Are you a runner who now has apprehensions about heel striking? Is it really that bad? Read on to find out what experts have to say about the heel strike pattern and if you should abandon it.   Although some people have been running for years, many are still perplexed on what…read more