BunionPal is made from a cool and comfortable gel material and helps to alleviate the discomfort of bunions, so that you can enjoy doing the things you love.




5 Pieces of BunionPals (BunionPal is an Orthotic device for improving Your Toes Health), ONE PAIR of bunion splints, one piece of big toe strap bunion straightener and one pair of medical grade toe separator gel. The package is designed for comprehensive bunion treatment and bunion relief.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most resilient relief for bunion and foot pain through extensive research so that you don’t have to. At DR JK, we use cutting-edge research and the best high-quality products to help cater to YOUR individual needs.


Ball of Foot Cushion ProtectorConstructed out of a flexible fabric material, this, it serves as a protective barrier to reduce rubbing from footwear and straighten the big toe at the same time.

BunionPal Toe SeparatorPerfect to wear in socks. Just wear and forget about it. Easy and comfortable big toe straightener. There is also another version of it with bunion guard inside the kit.

Double loop BunionPalSuper stable BunionPal. This is a perfect match for your work out. There is another version with one loop in the kit.




Frequently Asked Questions

Will the gels stay in place during exercise? Running, for instance?
Yes! They definitely have for me. I wear snug athletic running shoes when I workout, but I haven’t had them slip or anything at all.
Are the gel pieces stretchable? or they are firm solid toe spacers?
The gel pieces can stretch and are pliable.
Is this package for wearing in shoes? or are those for sleep in?
My mother wears hers for both. Inside her shoe and to sleep. Hope this helps.
Can you wash it?
You can wash all the package items. use warm water and hand soap.
Does it include for both feet?
Yes, everything you see in the picture comes in the kit; two gel toe separators with a bunion guard, two hinged toe splints, (which is what you see in the picture), and a big toe strap to strengthen your muscles. This is a great kit to have if you suffer from bunions.
Are these items come in a box altogether?
All of the items pictured come in the box that is in the pic. That is exactly what the box looks like. Each item in the box is in its own plastic package as well. Hope this helps!