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What Are Tailor’s Bunions And How They Are Treated

    SUMMARY: Ever heard of tailor's bunions? Anyone can have it! Find out if the bump near your little toe is a tailor's bunion and how you can treat it.   Do you see a small bump jutting out of the base of your little toe? That is what you call tailor's bunion or a bunionette. Tailor's bunions are not as common as bunions, but they have similar causes and symptoms. It is called a tailor's bunion because tailors long ago sat all day with their legs crossed. The foot's outer edge would rub on the ground while they are in this position. The c

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How the Big Toe Causes Injuries Among Runners

    SUMMARY: Are you starting to feel pain in your ankle, knee, or hip from running? That might be a hallux limitus! Read on to know how the big toe causes injuries in runners.   Even though it is not a common topic among runners, a lot of people know that a hallux limitus – “stiff big toe” in layman's term – is one of the usual causes of knee, hip, or ankle pain.   Understanding the Movement of the Big Toe When you are running and one of your feet is about to hit the ground, that foot is pulled back (dorsiflexed) a bit as it prepare

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What’s Causing My Toe Pain? Gout, Bunion, Hammer Toe, Claw Toe …

  You use your feet every day, which is why you should take good care of it. When a foot, ankle or toe starts to hurt, that's when you actually notice your feet and realize how important they are. Toe pain is very common but people don't necessarily know what's causing the discomfort. We've made a list of the most common reasons for toe pain and how you can reduce the discomfort.   Gout Gout is a type of arthritis that causes toe pain. Crystals accumulate in your toe joints, causing swelling and severe pain. This kind of arthritis usually affects the b

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The Holy Five: Exercises to Relieve your Bunion Pain

    If you are not one of the three million-plus people suffering from the debilitating foot condition known as Hallux Valgus, or Bunions in layman’s terms, then consider yourself lucky. My Uncle Lou sure felt down on his luck in 2006, when his Hallux Valgus reached Stage 3 and he could no longer run for sport. You see, running had brought my Uncle vigor and meaning. As a young man he ran to clear his mind and escape the violence of the Brooklyn flat he called home. He never stopped, and eventually he ran himself right onto the track team at St. Joseph’s U

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Thanks for tuning in to this first installment of our bunion awareness and treatment campaign. A large population of Americans – tens of millions and growing – is suffering from bunions and all the discomfort they cause. Surprisingly enough, many people’s bunions go unnoticed because of two reasons: 1) They may not be noticeable right away. There are various stages of bunion development, and many fail to notice until they are at the most prominent stages. 2) What is actually a bunion is often misunderstood as being foot pain from shoes or exercise, and is continuou

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Foot Experts Say That Winter Shoes Can Aggravate Bunion Pain – hallux valgus

    As temperatures continue to go down and women begin to hide sandals and flip-flops to give way to boots and other closed shoes, experts say that bunions will cause serious pain. Bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are the bony bumps seen at the base of the big toe. Their exact cause is not clear but they are said to be due to an inherited faulty foot structure or a foot injury. Bunions develop as time passes and can become very painful.   According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, shoes that have narrow toe boxes ca

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Treat Bunion at Home: Natural Ways to Deal with Big Toe Pain

  Most people want a more conservative approach to treating their bunions, with surgery being their last resort. Although surgical intervention seems to be the last on your list, it is still important to see a podiatrist and receive professional advice. Then again, there are methods to reduce the pain caused by bunions. That foot pain can be decreased with these home remedies. Try these remedies for at least a month and see the difference.     Make use of an arch support to remove pressure off a bunion. You can find over-the-counter arch s

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Yes, It’s Possible! Treat Your Bunion Without Surgery

    Is the large bump near your big toe bothering you? Did you look for treatment only to be told that surgery is your only option? Are you looking for a gentler way to treat that unsightly and uncomfortable bump? We've got good news for you. Surgery is not the only treatment available for your big toe pain. You can gain relief from that big toe pain through simpler and more conservative approaches! That bump near your big toe is what your doctor calls hallux valgus and what most people call a bunion. It is not only one of the most common foot ailment