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What You Need to Know About Gout

  Have you ever experienced excruciating pain in your foot that you can barely walk? Did you notice a swollen area around your ankle? You might be experiencing a case of gout. And gout is not a condition that has just been recently discovered. Gout cases were discovered and identified as early as 2,640 BC. Even in our modern day, it continues to be a major problem.   Explaining the Cause of Gout A gout is a common form of inflammatory arthritis. Stiffness, swelling and intense pain in a joint, particularly in the big toe are some of the common symptoms

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Easy Ways to Have Pain-Free Runner Feet | Relieve Pain

  SUMMARY: Are your feet aching because of too much running? Find out how you can Relieve Pain runner feet and even improve your performance down the road!   Running has become a hobby for so many people. Others do it to stay fit. As a person who frequently runs, you know that the sport can take its toll on the muscles and joints of your feet. But if you constantly have aching feet, you might be tempted to bid good-bye to your favorite sport. This does not have to happen. There are ways to fix this problem so that you can go back to running soon. &

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How Runners Should Care for Their Feet – Runners Foot Care

    SUMMARY: Most people don't realize that their feet are important, only to regret it once problems begin to appear. Your feet are essential to your everyday life. Learn how to care for them and keep them in excellent shape!   Your feet absorb more force than any other part of your body when you run. Your feet can make running a comfortable experience or a horrible one. Your feet are essential. Despite the importance of having healthy feet, only a few runners give their feet the care it deserves. People pay attention to their hamstrings,

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Harmful Effects of High Heels on Your Feet and Body – Heel Pain

    SUMMARY: Love to wear high heels every single day? Maybe it's time to say good-bye to your favorite type of footwear. Find out how high heels can harm your feet and get the motivation you need to finally switch to more comfortable footwear.   Wherever you go, you'll see women wearing high heels and stilettos. These types of shoes are popular and fashionable, making them a staple for some ladies. It makes them taller, prettier, and increases their confidence. Then again, wearing high heels comes with a price. It has harmful effects to your

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On Your Feet All Day? Know How to Prevent Foot Problems

    SUMMARY: Lots of people stand on their feet several hours a day, leading to various foot and leg problems. Learn how you can prevent these problems from developing and how you can keep your legs and feet in tip-top shape.   A lot of jobs require standing for prolonged periods of time. Even some activities, including those that are not job related, require being on your feet all day. Every year, thousands of foot injuries occur to people who stand for several hours a day. However, these problems can be prevented. You just need to take good

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How to Choose Your Next Pair of Shoes If You Have Foot Problems

    SUMMARY: Got a foot problem? You might have to ditch that shoe and get a more comfortable one. You can still look fab and not experience any pain as long as you know how to pick your next footwear!   Your choice of footwear plays a huge role in the development or avoidance of toe and foot problems, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, corns and calluses. These conditions can be painful, and using the wrong footwear will just worsen the pain. By using the right footwear, you can stop these foot problems from getting worse. Wea

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Should I Use an Over-the-Counter Foot Brace?

    Whether you're shopping online or strolling around your local drugstore, you can easily find braces for different parts of your body – ankle, neck, wrist, and other joints. Perhaps you are wondering if you need them. Well, it depends. In most instances, it is best to see a doctor before you buy a brace. If they don't fit you right or you use them wrong, they may bring more harm than good.   Ankle Sprains You can make use of braces if you have an ankle sprain. It is in fact part of the popular at-home treatment called RICE. RICE stands for r

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How You Can Avoid Foot Pain from Wearing High Heels

  For most women a pair of high heels is all they need to lift their moods. Who doesn't want a sassy Manolo? But if it seems that those heels are no longer as comfortable as they were years ago, then you're one good observer. Experts say that our feet change as we age. Some of these changes make it uncomfortable to wear high heels once you've reached your 40s and 50s. Talk about midlife crisis; they apply to our feet, too! So what has changed over the years? As you age, the bottom of your foot loses fat. These fatty deposits protect the ball of foot. Some

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Know What’s Causing Your Foot Pain and Deal with It the Right Way

  Your feet carry you wherever you go. It provides a foundation to the rest of the body. You may not think about how important they are to your everyday life. You merely start to notice your feet once they begin to hurt. And once you feel the discomfort, you want relief immediately. Before you can treat the problem, you need to know what's causing it. One thing to consider is the location of the pain. Plantar Fasciitis The plantar fascia is the connective tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Irritation or inflammation of the plantar fascia i

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3 Common Foot Myths Debunked! – Foot Problems

  A lot of people believe that they were born with problematic feet, and it is the job of the foot doctor to treat these foot problems with the use of modern technology. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, our feet were designed to function optimally. Thus, the best foot treatment is to regain your feet's natural shape and function.   We have debunked three of the most common myths about our feet. Our feet are inherently misshaped, and it can only be corrected with the use of orthotics or through surgery. Look at your child's feet and y