BunionPal and ToePal are designed to bring you immediate relief and comfort from foot pain, so that so that you can enjoy doing the things you love.

Gel Pad Bunion Sleeves & Bunion Protector Kit – BunionPal/ToePal
This kit features a bunion sleeve and toe protectors that can be used together or separately to relieve bunion pressure and alleviate pain, and also align the toes. Includes 8 pieces: 1 pair of Gel Pad Bunion Sleeves, 1 pair of Fabric Sleeve Toe Protectors, 1 pair of Gel Toe Cap Protectors, and 1 pair of Gel Toe Spreaders
Softens the skin, moisturizes the nails and toes, and promotes skin healing

Our team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most resilient relief for bunion and foot pain through extensive research, so that you don’t have to. At DR JK, we use cutting-edge research and the best high-quality products to help cater to YOUR individual needs.


ToePal Fabric Sleeve Toe Protector
Constructed out of a flexible fabric material, this toe sleeve slips on over the entire toe. It serves as a protective barrier to reduce rubbing from footwear and friction between the toes.

ToePal Gel Toe Cap Protectors
Perfect to wear in socks. Just wear and forget about it. Easy and comfortable big toe straightener. There is also another version of it with bunion guard inside the kit.
Full BunionPal and ToePal Kit
The products in this kit fit perfectly over feet and into shoes, providing superior cushioning that won’t slip as you move about. With regular use, the Gel Pad Bunion Sleeves & Bunion Protector Kit can greatly improve the texture, appearance, and health of your toes!


Don’t ignore and worsen your bunion.
If gone untreated, bunions and other foot pain can make it impossible for you to do even the simplest activities. Don’t turn to surgery, or other products made from cheap materials that will only worsen your condition. Instead, trust DR JK’s educated team to provide you with the best and highest-quality bunion and foot care products. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and get immediate relief with BunionPal and ToePal products.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are these unisex?
Yes, they are.
How soft?
Hello to answer the question how soft I’ve had no issues and I’m on my feet all day long I am grateful to have them and they work perfectly I had a horrible surgery on my foot I’m not sure how to answer the question that I hope this helps.
Do toe protectors have a gel layer? or just fabric?
Their soft silicone. Very comfortable and It has a gel layer.
Latex free?
They are made out of a Silicone Fabric Material. I didn’t see any mention of latex in the information about the product.
Will they fit a man’s shoe size 12?
Yes…It will fit snugly. It’s one size fits all. Loose for an 8.5 (W) foot size.