HeelPal is designed to bring you immediate relief and comfort from foot pain, so that so that you can enjoy doing the things you love.
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Ball of Foot Cushion Kit – PedPal
This kit redistributes pressure to relieve metatarsal pain. The cushion is also ideal for alleviating discomfort caused by calluses, and is anatomically designed for comfort and durability. This product reduces the painful sensation caused by calluses and other issues in feet.
Includes 5 Pieces:3 different pairs of PedPals: 1 Pair of Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushions, 1 Pair of Gel Ball of Foot Pads, and 1 Pair of Sandal Thong Protector Pads
Products are made with a high-quality material and are designed to bring optimal comfort to wearer
Wear with any type of socks and shoes

Our team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most resilient relief for bunion and foot pain through extensive research, so that you don’t have to. At DR JK, we use cutting-edge research and the best high-quality products to help cater to YOUR individual needs.


Components of this PedPal kit
PedPal Shock Absorbing Gel Sleeve When applied to the arch area, this gel sleeve helps reduce pain in the arch and heel caused by symptoms of plantar fasciitis. It is anatomically designed to fit any foot comfortably and securely, and can be worn discreetly in your socks with very little bulk.

PedPal Foot Massager
The textured surface of this massager will provide the arches of your foot with a deep tissue massage. Place this product in the freezer for cold therapy, or warm it up in hot water for soothing heat.

PedPal Compression Ankle Sock
Ultra-thin support offers consistent compression throughout the sole of your foot to help alleviate arch and heel pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is this kit price for all two pairs of heel grip and two heel pads?
Yes, it is.
Are these for men or women?
These pads can be used by men or women.
My high heels are a little too big. Will this make them fit better?
It depends on where they are too big. If your heels are loose around the heel portion of the shoe this we’ll help either heel grip adds about a 1/8in thickness and a little grip. If you use the padded inserts in lifts your foot up about the same. The cup definitely would reduce the size of the shoe by about a quarter inch. If they are too big in the toe area these won’t help you should look for a full shoe insert.
I wear men’s size 8 E (wide) walking shoes. Would these fit?
I would think so. The length does not matter, and they are fairly wide. I wear a size 10, and they fit fine. one thing to watch out for is not to step on the top of the back and fold it down (which I did). These have helped my heel spur a lot.
Are the full food insoles (either clear or gray/white one) are good for flat foot and also pain on the ball of foot?
Yes, these insoles are great they take the pressure off the ball of your foot and good at managing the pain created by it.