PedPal is designed to bring you immediate relief and comfort from foot pain, so that so that you can enjoy doing the things you love.

Arch, Heel & Ankle Relief Kit – PedPal

This kit redistributes pressure to relieve metatarsal pain. The cushion is also ideal for alleviating discomfort caused by calluses, and is anatomically designed for comfort and durability. This product reduces the painful sensation caused by calluses and other issues in feet.

  • Includes 5 Pieces:3 different pairs of PedPals: 1 Pair of Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushions, 1 Pair of Gel Ball of Foot Pads, and 1 Pair of Sandal Thong Protector Pads
  • Products are made with a high-quality material and are designed to bring optimal comfort to wearer
  • Wear with any type of socks and shoes

Our team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most resilient relief for bunion and foot pain through extensive research, so that you don’t have to. At DR JK, we use cutting-edge research and the best high-quality products to help cater to YOUR individual needs.

PedPal Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushions

This product reduces the painful and burning sensation caused by calluses and other issues in the metatarsal heads and self-adhesive backing underneath helps keep the supports in place.

PedPal Gel ball of Foot Cushions

These are designed to support the forefoot area, helping to relieve the discomfort of flattened foot arches. Made of soft and washable gels.

PedPal Sandal Thong Protector PadsGet

Get the comfort of the Gel Ball of Foot Cushions with the addition of sandal thong protector with this product. Contains a self-adhesive back to protect from slipping off of flip flops.


The cushions have great grip with your foot, and the sticker on the bottom would secure it to your shoe, so I would assume that it would work for that. I’ve never used them for that purpose myself so I can’t say for sure, though.

As the instructions said: “use soap or shampoo with warm water to gently hand wash. Dry before wearing” I would suggest (something that I did, actually) after you wash and dry them, since they are made out of a silicone base, you should powder them to keep from sticking! The instructions said to use “talcum powder” to help from having sticky gels but I use Gold Bond powder instead!

The cushions are extremely soft.

Yes, they are designed to work in high heels.

Oh yes they’re wonderful way help tremendously that’s what I ha oh yes they’re wonderful day help tremendously that’s what I have.

I think the product would help in nerve tissues on a person’s feet. I am NOT in the medical profession, my opinion is based only on my own experience in using this product. It relieved the hot spot in my forefoot area and I notice my calves didn’t hurt as much. I do find them comfortable once you get used to them. I hope this helped in this question.