HeelPal is designed to bring you immediate relief and comfort from foot pain, so that so that you can enjoy doing the things you love. .

Components of this HeelPal kit

Includes 8 pieces: One pair of Gel Heel Cups, one pair of Gel Heel Cushions, one pair of Fabric Heel Grips, and one pair of Gel Heel Grips

  • Includes 5 pieces: One pair of bunion splints, one big toe strap bunion straightener, and one pair of toe separators
  • Made of medical-grade gel
  • One size fits most feet

Our team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most resilient relief for bunion and foot pain through extensive research, so that you don’t have to. At DR JK, we use cutting-edge research and the best high-quality products to help cater to YOUR individual needs.

HeelPal Gel Heel Cups

Use Heavy Duty Heel Cups for high impact activities. This product is designed to tolerate heavy weights and provides the ultimate shock absorption.

HeelPal Fabric Heel Grips

Helps prevent blisters caused by abrasion when the back of your shoes are too loose. Fabric Heel Grips helps shoes fit better, and is made of durable material, comfortable soft padding and a strong self-adhesive grip. It is designed to alleviate rubbing and friction.

HeelPal Full Kit

This high-quality kit is designed to bring you relief during all of your favorite activities. Don’t let heel pain limit you any longer, and trust HeelPal to get the job done.


The kit is designed to cover both barefoot and with shoe activities. You can use the item with three loops both barefoot and in shoes, while the other item is specially designed for extra barefoot chill-out!

I recently had knee replacement surgery (both knees) so I am not running yet but doing a lot of walking. I have not had any problems with these toe separators. They stay in place & are very comfortable. No toe cramping at all when I am wearing them!

I have one bunion but hammer toes on both feet. Without these toe separators, I cannot wear even croc slip on shoes for two minutes before the hammer toes begin to blister. With these toe separators, I can wear crocs for 10-20 minutes before I feel the sisters begin. I sleep with these under a pair of socks – they stop the hammer toe cramps. I don’t get any blisters when I wear these inside my swimming fins.

If your crossover toes aren’t frozen in place then I think these would help…they gently train your toes to separate and the gel they are made of is comfortable enough to not mind having on…They have worked wonders on my hammertoe after just a few weeks of use…definitely worth giving it a try.

Yes, and since it has 3 different kinds of toe separators you can try which one is more comfortable for you and you can go trying different ones as you get used to them.

Some kind of silicone. They’re more jelly-like than rubbery. They’re very comfortable and work well.

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