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Ace Health Ball of Foot Cushions PedPal

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  • One Pair of PedPal, Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushions. It’s Great for Bunion, High heels, Bunionnette and Mortons Neuroma.
  • Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushion, Forefoot Cushion are efficient Pads to Relieve Foot Pain
  • Ball of Foot Pads relieve Metatarsal Pain and Blisters, Ball of Foot Pain, Aching Feet and Neuroma
  • Made from Stretchable and Squishy Medical Grade Gel
  • Great For Bunion, Halux Valgus, Metatarsalgia & Other Unsightly Foot Problems!

Product Description

PedPal is an Orthotic device for improving Your Feet Health. You can wear PedPal in shoes and barefoot. It is recommended to wear under snug fitting socks. It can relieve foot pain and callus.

  • UPC: 718349169738


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