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  • 3 Pack
  • 3 pair of BunionPal designed to straighten toes, provide instantaneous relief from bunion pain, and stop bunion progression.
  • The hinged design enables toes and feet to move naturally while keeping your toes in proper alignment.
  • Suitable for women and men-one size fits most feet.
  • Effective for correcting mild to moderate bunions and hammertoes.
  • 100% risk free, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied.

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In need of a bunion splint that works for hallux valgus too? BunionPal is an orthotic device from DR JK that is designed to improve the health of your toes and feet.

The Best Bunion Splint for Hallux Valgus

Irritated bunions or a case of hallux valgus can be a problem for many people. You may probably even experience difficulties in walking, jogging or running. As a result, it may even affect your active lifestyle.


The DR JK’s BunionPal provides relief from mild to moderate bunions.  It also works to correct muscular imbalances and restore the alignment of the toes. The durable splint design will actively force your toes into alignment. You’ll notice positive results after continuous use. Simply wear the splint on your big toe. It’s that simple! No need for other complicated instructions.


This product is recommended for patients with mild to moderate bunions. It is also recommended to use when barefoot particularly when walking around at home. For the best results, it is advised to use the bunion splint with a gel alignment aid. Plus, maintenance and cleaning is so easy. You can clean it using just soap and water.

Get back on your feet without the downtime and expense of a costly surgery. We always guarantee total satisfaction for our customers. And if you think the product is not working for you, we offer 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on all products.


Are you experiencing other foot-related problems and is looking for the best possible solution available? Are you looking for products to recommend for a family member or friend who needs one? DR JK offers tons of products in addition to the BunionPal. To get further details about other available products or to get more information about a particular product of your interest, check out the full line of DR JK foot care products on the website.


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