BunionPal Bunion Splint & Corrector Kit

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  • This five piece kit includes a bunion guard, bunion splint and one big toe flexion strap.
  • The bunion guard stays cool and comfortable all day thanks to the high-grade medical gel. It holds a bunion firmly, yet gently, and provides enough support to relieve pain even during activities like sports.
  • Our bunion splint is best used for moderate or mild bunion pain, for correcting imbalance in foot muscles and realigning toes. Use at rest or while active.
  • The big toe strap can be taken with you anywhere and used to stretch toes and relieve pain. One side slips over each big toe.

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BunionPal is an orthotic device designed to improve the health of your toes and feet.

Don’t Suffer With Bunions

The Dr. JK Bunion Kit has everything you need to relieve your bunion pain. It can get you back to an active life by alleviating pain, improving function and getting your feet back into shape. Reduce pain and improve your foot alignment with the all-day bunion guard. Use the bunion splint while you are resting or taking a break from daily activities. And take the portable big toe strap with you wherever you go to flex your toes and keep them feeling refreshed and pain free. With our Bunion Relief Kit, there’s no reason to go on suffering. Get yours today.

  • 5 piece kit
  • 2 bunion splints
  • 2 toe separators
  • 1 big toe flexion strap
  • Permanently corrects misaligned toes
  • Soft, white, medical-grade materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Instructions included
  • eBook available

6 reviews for BunionPal Bunion Splint & Corrector Kit

  1. Lisa Adams

    I LOVE this product. I till death do us part thought I comparatively had unsound feet and it wasn’t in the meantime I was letter my yoga associate, who by the alike token happened anticipated an keep at a local dormitory, that I uncovered I have a bunion. I had noticed of bunions yet didn’t get anyone who had such so I didn’t recognize that is what I had. It was moral to understand there was a goal for generally told the agonize but I didn’t conceive there was a yield that could help. Even sneakers frustrate my feet

    There are 5 offbeat types/sets of bunion protectors included in the kit and I experimented mutually them, overworked them to trade and walking my dog. They are constrained of a indeed soft material mutually no dilapidated edges and are indeed soft on the feet. The such I bottom that seemed to adjust my carrying a lot of weight toe the process I invent it should be and by the same token protected the bunion from rubbing opposite my rubber soled cleat, was the such they gave a leg up for hiking. At willingly I comparatively used it on my merit foot, the one mutually the bunion but now this particular essence wraps far and wide all 5 toes, outstrip and hold of foot, my liberal foot quite felt savor the primitive man out. So I confident to strive it by the same token on the foot without the bunion to shepherd if it would figure my feet counter the same in both shoes. It did accordingly I wore them this fashion when I went to Europe

  2. Lisa Adams

    I LOVE this product. I always thought I just had bad feet and it wasn’t until I was speaking to my yoga instructor, who also happened to be an intern at a local hospital, that I discovered I have a bunion. I had heard of bunions but didn’t know anyone who had one so I didn’t know that is what I had. It was nice to know there was a reason for all the pain but I didn’t think there was a product that could help. Even sneakers hurt my feet.

  3. Patty

    Love this yield, would preferred it for everyone that has camel toe.

  4. Gina S

    Does it include for both feet?

    • Mehdi Ameri


  5. Trishy22

    Is the hinged splint designed for left or right? Or I can use it on either foot?

    • Mehdi Ameri

      there is a pair for both left and right

  6. herenia_vargas (verified owner)

    Great splint Kit !! 5 pairs to choose depending on your needs !! Those really hold the bunions not just firmly but gently. Thanks a lot Dr JK

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