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  • Gel Bunion Sleeves fit like a glove to relieve bunion pain and help remove calluses.  Ultra-thin nylon and medical-grade gel provide outstanding cushioning.
  • Fabric Sleeve Toe Protectors are flexible and cover your entire toe to reduce friction between your skin and shoes. It protects and improves the condition of your feet and toenails.
  • Gel Toe Cap Protectors relieve pain from everything from corns to ingrown toenails, and help reduce the size of corns.
  • Toe spreaders are made of gel to be extra comfortable and restore your foot’s natural alignment. They relieve bunion pain and can slow their growth.

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BunionPal is an orthotic device designed to improving the health of your toes and feet. 

Give Your Feet A Feel Good Gift

These orthotic pads make feet happy. Our kit includes four complete sets of BunionPals to protect and help reduce bunions and painful corns, eliminate painful friction between your shoes and tender skin, and improve the overall condition of your feet.

  • Four pairs (8 pieces)
  • Flexi-Sleeves, toe spreaders, toe caps and toe covers
  • Washable medical-grade gel
  • One size fits most
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee
  • White/Flesh-toned

8 reviews for BunionPal – Bunion Protector Kit

  1. Barbara Lehmer

    This is the second pair we have ordered. Needed an extra pair so we could keep them laundered.

  2. atlg

    I liked the Toe Caps a lot, especially for my left toe, as that’s the one that trying its hardest to cross under the toe next to it. Also the customer service of this company is excellent

  3. noel castillo

    This package of 2 bunion protectors included much more for the same price, so I have it a try. Shortly after the package arrived, I was experiencing an arthritis flare, and my big toes were very painful. I had already worn the silicone bunion protectors, and they worked as expected. I also tried the ace bandage wrap with bunion protector and although it was a little large and the silicone was not as thick, it had also worked well.

  4. noel castillo

    It worked great… Thanks

  5. minavo

    I recently dropped a can on my foot and broke a toe. Wearing shoes were extremely painful. I needing something to cushion the toe and protect in while wearing a shoe. I found that the gel toe caps was the best solution to relieve some of the pain for some relief while walking.

  6. minav

    I came across these DR JK- Gel Pad Bunion Protector Kit. It is an 8 Pcs set that includes Bunion Relief, Toe Caps, Big Toe Protectors, Toe Spacers, Gel Toe Protectors and Bunion Pads. I have used DR JK products before and have always been pleased with them. I think they are a great company and provide quality products.

    For my problem, I used the Gel Toe Cap Protectors. The gel material is super smooth and so very soft. The slip on fairly easy (remember I have a bruised broken toe so everything I did hurt). They are thin gel covering that cushions the toe. It was such a relief to wear with my shoes.
    the gel toe cap does a fabulous job to alleviate rubbing and friction and relieve pain. The Cap fits snugly over toes and stays in place nicely without sliding.

  7. HappyExi

    Will they fit a man’ s shoe size 12?

    • Mehdi Ameri

      yes, they are size free

  8. Jon

    they are made of SEBS Gel

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