HeelPal Heel Spur & Plantar Fasciitis Relief Kit

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  • Recommended by podiatrists, this heel pain relieve kit includes a fabric heel sleeve, gel heel sleeve, and foot massage ball. Compression from the heel sleeve addresses arch and heel pain.
  • Superior shock absorption of the medical-grade heel sleeve releives plantar fasciitis pain. Continuous use provides maximum benefit.
  • The foot massage ball is designed to reach your foot’s pressure points. Used under the heel, it can relieve metatarsal pain and other discomfort.

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Trying to find ways to get rid of your heel pain? Looking for an effective Gel Heel Sleeve to heel pain relief and heel spur treatment? PedPal, an orthotic device designed by DR JK can help improve the health of your feet, heels and plantar fasciitis. 


The Ultimate Kit for Your Foot and Heel Pain

Podiatrists highly approve DR JK’s arch, heel, and ankle relief kit. Each kit contains:


Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wrap 

The DR JK Compression Foot Sleeve offers consistent compression throughout the sole of your foot to help alleviate arch and heel pain because of plantar fasciitis, Calcaneal Spur symptoms, and swelling. This ultra-thin compression support is perfect even while wearing socks. These ankle supports are great for any activity that requires extensive ankle movements such as sports and exercises. Exceptional ankle support is guaranteed while maintaining peak performance with a full range of leg motions.


Shock Absorbing Gel heel Sleeve

The Plantar Fasciitis Shock Absorbing Gel Sleeve is designed using medical-grade gel to provide the ultimate shock absorption feature and comfort. Furthermore, Plantar Fasciitis Gel Heel Sleeve helps alleviate the symptoms caused by plantar fasciitis and reduces pain that could affect mobility and performance. Notice visible changes as a result of continuous use. It is very easy to use and also easy to clean using just soap and water.


Foot Massage Ball 

Need a relaxing massage for your feet? Determining the right pressure points in the feet can help reduce pain and discomfort. The foot massage roller ball’s designed with the structure of pressure points. It can provide the much needed solution and support to help relieve pain because of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsal pain and aching feet. Simply place the ball under your heel and roll around with your feet. Use it while resting or relaxing.


Check out the other foot care products we offer on our website. Find the perfect solution in getting rid of your feet problems. Say goodbye to expensive therapies, surgeries, treatments and medications. DR JK has you covered! Set yourself free from pains today!


2 reviews for HeelPal Heel Spur & Plantar Fasciitis Relief Kit

  1. Mary

    its work for me, Thanks DR JK

  2. Natash

    I am on my feet all day, Gel heel sleeve relief my pain. ball is good too.

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