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  • One pairs of blue, gel toe separators help improve toe alignment and relieve pain when placed properly, close to joints.
  • Medical grade gel looped toe separators lengthen and stretch toes, reducing joint strain. Wear them consistently.
  • Flexible and smooth toe spacers can be worn while at rest or while grooming feet and toes.
  • These orthotic devices are scientifically proven to relieve foot pain. If you have bunions or other painful conditions, these are designed to help.

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ToePal is an Orthotic device for improving the health of your toes and feet.

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Our Orthotic Looped Toe Separators and Toe Spacers make your tired and weary feet feel wonderful. They are made of medical-grade gel that cushions joints, stretches toes, and provides relief from a hard day on your feet or from more serious conditions like hammer toes. Just slip them on and let them do the work. They are perfect for athletes and for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

  • 1 pair of toe spacer gel
  • Blue, glitter-filled
  • Medical-grade gel
  • One size fits most
  • Clean with soap and water

18 reviews for Toe Separator for Yoga | ToePal

  1. Gloria

    These are amazing after a great work out, I come home and take off my sneakers and use them. They are also really great for painting my toes as well which I wouldnt have thought of when purchasing! Easy to use and I just rinse them with warm water and soap to clean.

  2. Joni

    Previously I had used the cheap (Walmart) toe separator, but my toes got irritated by the material, and it would frequently fall out. This is a super option and if you’ve had difficulty finding something that works, you should be able to find something in this box that suits your needs. I can highly recommend this product..

  3. Dany

    After spending hundreds, this did the trick!! Finally relief! I wear them at night for 1 hour! would recommend it to anyone who suffers from hammet toes.

  4. Key

    I bought this (ToePal) for my wife, and so far, the only comments I got back from her are compliments and thanks for being so thoughtful. Good quality product, durable and soft on the skin. True is to say, “Behind every happy married man, there surely is a happy wife…

  5. Baglady

    Still too early to tell, but so far they’re helping to straighten my toes! Need to be in the habit of wearing them often, though!

  6. Rebecca

    Works great. Just the right softness and hardness to keep the toes spread.

  7. Cindy

    Ordered these Monday and they arrived Weds as promised. I already tried them and am very happy with the quality.

  8. rusty3206

    Works great, provides relief to bunion.

  9. Richard

    Love these! So glad I bought them. I wear them at night for an hour or so while I watch tv. I had been having trouble with my toes cramping, but these are really helping.

  10. Chicago

    Feels so good on my tired toes. Plus I can use them when my husband paints my toes.

  11. Sharon

    Have tried others. This is a fantastic product. Very comfortable and easy to put on. Highly recommend

  12. Del

    I love the flexibility of these but yet they are still firm enough to give a good stretch. My tired achy feet feel so much better after having worn these Toe Separators for awhile.
    Thank you DR JK

  13. Nathan

    Great product. I have a bunion and hammer toe. ToePal helps to realign those toes to a degree. When you put your feet up while you are wear the product, it help to relax your feet. Used the ToePal almost daily, since receiving them.

  14. Julie

    I purchased these as a gift for my good friend/yoga instructor. When she opened them she was extremely excited and put them on right away. She said that they were very comfortable and she actually wore them for the rest of the day with her flip flops on

  15. Rabecca

    My mom was always complaining of feet pain. I ordered these for her since going to several doctors wasn’t helping to figure out her pain. She loves them. She said they are very comfortable and her toes don’t cramp as bad and her feet feel better.

  16. Regina

    These are great after a great work out, I come home and take off my sneakers and use them. They are also really great for painting my toes as well which I wouldnt have thought of when purchasing! Easy to use and I just rinse them with warm water and soap to clean.

  17. Kay Cassell

    These are comfortable and are amazing during yoga or just for relaxing toes. I can’t believe how well they worked for separating my toes during yoga. They are made of soft flexible Gel and give some padding between the toes. I will be buying a set for my husband who complains of some toe pain as they seem to have helped mine for just every day use

  18. diana prince

    Perfect! Bought for a yoga loving friend, and she loves them. They really help with balance!

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