TopPal Toe Spreader Relaxation Kit

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  • This six piece kit include a triple-loop toe separator, gel toe stretchers and gel toe spacers.
  • The separator aligns and straightens. It can be worn under shoes to stop toes from overlapping and relieve pain from hammertoes or crooked toes.
  • The gentle pressure is appropriate even for very sensitive of painful toes.
  • The stretcher is a good choice for active people who experience post-workout foot cramps. By reducing stress and pressure, they relieve pain. They can also relieve pain caused by bunions and other conditions.
  • The spacers grip your toes and provide stability. If you walk barefoot a lot, these will force your toes into correct position while you walk.

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ToePal is an orthotic device designed to improve the health of your toes and feet.

Relax Your Tired Toes

This kit is the perfect choice if you suffer from foot cramps, have crooked or overlapping toes that cause pain no matter what kind of shoes you are wearing, or even if you suffer from bunions. No other foot relief kit comes with exactly what you need to separate and stretch your toes into blissful relaxation. And no other kit includes our firm, gripping spacers that keep your feet in good working order while walking barefoot.

  • 6 piece kit
  • 1 pair of ToePal Toe Separators
  • 1 pair ToePal Toe Stretchers
  • One pair ToePal Toe Spacers
  • Medical grade gel
  • Wash with soap and water


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