Spread Your Toes and Feel the Difference – Gel Toe Separator

Spread Your Toes - Gel Toe Separator

  We can’t stress enough the importance of using toe separators and toe spreaders, especially for people who have foot problems like bunions and plantar fasciitis. However, there are other reasons why it is a good idea to use toe stretchers even if you do not have any foot problems. Toe spreaders can do a lot…read more

Get Healthy Feet with Gel toe Separator – Gel Toe Stretchers

Get Healthy Feet with Gel toe Separator - Gel Toe Stretchers

  If you want to stay fit, you have to stretch the muscles in your body to keep them flexible and in excellent shape. Why don’t you do the same to your feet? You need strong, flexible feet to stay healthy and improve overall health. A lot of foot problems – bunions, plantar fasciitis, arch…read more

Hammertoes 101: What You Need to Know

Hammertoes What You Need to Know

  A hammertoe is caused by an imbalance in the muscle and ligament around the toe joint, causing the middle joint to bend. The joint becomes stuck in this position, which is why people with hammertoes often experience rubbing and irritation on the bent toe. Any of your toes can have it. Because of the…read more