Did the Trick

After spending hundreds, this did the trick!! Finally relief! I wear them at night and wake up with no pain! would recommend it to anyone who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis.…read more

August 8,2017

Highly Recommend!

Previously I had used the cheap (Walmart) toe separator, but my toes got irritated by the material, and it would frequently fall out. This is a super option and if…read more

May 4,2017

Huge Relief!

Six months ago I booked a trip to Europe at my husband’s prompting. As the trip grew closer, I was scrambling to find shoes and then later insoles that would…read more

April 4,2017

Definitely Helped!

They definitely helps minimize my foot pain during a 12 hour shift as a restaurant worker. I use it religiously and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from Foot…read more

March 4,2017

Happy with this product!

Soft, Simple and comfortable, doesn’t cut off blood to my toes. Happy with this product.…read more

February 4,2017

Good Quality Product!

I bought this (DR JK) for my wife, and so far, the only comments I got back from her are compliments and thanks for being so thoughtful. Good quality product,…read more

January 4,2017